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Kīkaha ka ʻĪwa Kimono Teal

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Kikaha ka 'Iwa i ka Makani,which meansthe 'Iwa bird that soars in the wind.
The inspiration and creativeness of this design stems from KAIUKA's beautiful hometown of Kōkī, Hāna.
Kīkaha ka 'Īwa, is seen gliding in the heaven's winds above the sands of Kōkī Bay. From Alau island, the magnificent 'Iwa birds soars towards and catches the wind pocket off from her beauty Ka'iwiopele, (name of hill) then gazes high through the skies of Leho'ula(place name) finally returning to Alau, a place of rest.
This journey of Kīkaha ka 'Iwa lives today and reminds us of lifeʻs beautiful journey.

85% eco-polyester, 15% spandex.

Care Instructions:
Machine wash with a phosphate free detergent and cold water.
Machine dry, medium heat.
Iron on synthetic settings.
May shrink after the first wash.